Financial Advisory

Belvedere Advisory specialises in Emerging Markets and provides a wide array of financial advisory services and fundraising support to clients facing their specific complexities .

Following the 2008 and 2010 crises, banking markets in Africa and internationally shrunk while the global regulatory framework became ever more demanding. Investing in emerging markets became increasingly difficult to navigate and anticipating the financier’s requirements has become a key factor for success. It is therefore of utmost importance to have a global view of the various markets and multiply sources of financing, so as to make things happen in the most efficient way.


From short-term structured trade to long-term asset-backed financing, from corporate lending to project finance, Belvedere Advisory covers the whole spectrum of direct lending. We design tailor-made solutions to provide outsourced structured finance and fund-raising expertise, supporting our partners, throughout the project life-cycle or at specific stages. We stand ready to see projects through to completion.

  • We make sure we understand the specifics of your organisation and operating environment, and how it can fit into current market conditions.
  • We help you define optimal financial scenarios: debt/equity targets, review of cash-flow models, identifying potential financial structures with adapted securities, and assessing the impact of the fiscal and regulatory environment.
  • We draw up fund-raising roadmaps: sounding out market expectations, segmenting categories of potential financiers, and determining the best timing to market.
  • We provide operational advice and execution support for transactions: marketing materials (pitches, teasers, info-memos), coordination of legal and tax advisors, etc.
  • We ensure full support throughout negotiations until financial close.